WestJet Encore and Flightman Commence Electronic Flight Bag Software Deployment

Flightman today announced that Canadian airline, WestJet Encore, signed a contract to install their Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software across their entire fleet of Bombardier Q400 NextGen series aircraft.

WestJet Encore selected Flightman to provide the EFB software infrastructure to support their move towards a paperless cockpit. Having completed the onsite requirements gathering phase of the project in Canada, the solution will be installed on Class 2 EFB flight deck hardware and includes the eJourney Log, Electronic Flight Folder, Large Content Manager, Forms Designer, FOQA Data Management, Business Intelligence, eTechlog and Passenger Relationship Management applications. These Flightman applications will be integrated with 3rd Party Performance Calculator, Weight & Balance and Charting products.

One of the most important objectives for WestJet Encore is to have optimum operational processes from the very beginning, so that their daily costs are kept to a minimum. Flightman’s EFB software architecture is very flexible and it shall be aligned with their envisioned and efficient operational processes. Through this state of the art deployment, WestJet Encore shall have the capability to efficiently exchange data to and from the aircraft via gatelink and cellular communications. All EFB related operational data shall also be centrally managed and administered via the web based Flightman™ Ground Administrative Manager application. The combination of the onboard and ground based Flightman™ EFB software applications shall enable WestJet Encore to optimize their Flight Operations, Cabin and Maintenance processes, once implemented.

Upon commencing the project with WestJet Encore, Joe McGoldrick, Chief Executive, Flightman said “We are excited to be working with Encore prior to their first commercial flight. The innovative team at WestJet Encore are deploying best practices with respect to airline operational processes and Flightman are proud to be one of the solution providers.”

The suite of Flightman™ EFB software applications allows airlines to achieve total operational efficiency, optimized regulatory compliance and enhanced in-cabin passenger service, by seamlessly connecting and integrating aircraft within airlines’ IT infrastructures. Flightman has continued to expand its operations in the international aviation industry and boasts an impressive customer portfolio across the globe.

About Flightman
Flightman is an EFB software provider that automates and streamlines operations within the aviation industry. The Flightman family of products comprises innovative software technology which synchronizes an extensive data model between the aircraft and various airline ground systems. It provides forms and workflows tailored to various users to enable dramatic process improvement in the cockpit, cabin and on the ramp, thus reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in aircraft operations and maintenance. For more information, please visit www.flightman.com

For further information please contact:

Diogo Serradas
Email: diogo.serradas@flightman.com
Tel: +353 1 806 1000


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