Solution Development

The Flightman Framework is a flexible solution and software development environment. It provides all the components necessary for Flightman channel partners and airline customers. Using Flightman Developer, they can develop and configure onboard solutions.

How does Flightman achieve this?

Channel partners and airline customers may develop their own workflow and forms to specify and build individual solutions or configure the Flightman Configuration Code Base to their own desired look and feel. 

solution develop

The Solution Development Service provides:

Tailoring a business-oriented Flightman configuration to a customer’s unique needs.

Design of the necessary forms and workflow to build the appropriate Flightman solution.

Customization of chosen Flightman solutions to the airline customer’s desired look and feel.

A comprehensive implementation and maintenance and support plan for the Flightman solutions chosen by the airline customer.

Our team is dedicated to educating aviation industry professionals about the many benefits of Flightman. We offer tailored presentations and training sessions to demonstrate how Flightman can optimize airline operations. For a more in-depth analysis, we provide personalized demos showcasing specific features and advantages. Explore the individual products within the Flightman suite, each designed to address unique operational challenges, and discover our cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. If you have questions about our professional services support, please ask below. Our experts are ready to provide detailed information and assist with any inquiries, ensuring you have all the resources and support needed to successfully integrate Flightman into your operations.