Professional Services

Flightman provides professional services to its channel partners and airline customers. They help them design the appropriate architectural specifications for the new system they wish to implement. Additionally, they offer training and support to ensure seamless integration. Flightman also develops and maintains value-enhancing solutions in operations information management.

Professional Services​

Flightman’s consulting services are grounded in lessons learned from Value Proposition Workshops conducted worldwide. These workshops have helped airlines measure the return on investment of implementing Lean principles. Often, they do this in conjunction with adopting innovative technology solutions such as Flightman. The results of these workshops are now being disseminated throughout the airline industry. This is happening through the Lean Flight Initiative (LFI), of which Flightman is a founding member. As a result, airlines are achieving greater operational efficiencies. Furthermore, these improvements lead to enhanced passenger satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

Our team is dedicated to educating aviation industry professionals about the many benefits of Flightman. We offer tailored presentations and training sessions to demonstrate how Flightman can optimize airline operations. For a more in-depth analysis, we provide personalized demos showcasing specific features and advantages. Explore the individual products within the Flightman suite, each designed to address unique operational challenges, and discover our cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. If you have questions about our professional services support, please ask below. Our experts are ready to provide detailed information and assist with any inquiries, ensuring you have all the resources and support needed to successfully integrate Flightman into your operations.