Implementation Support

Deployment of the Flightman Framework will require backend integration and implementation support. The extent of the integration depends on the architectural design and solution implementation plan specified by the airline partner or customer. Flightman collaborates with channel partners to deliver integration services as agreed with the airline customer. Our team is dedicated to supporting the transition into the product suite, with accurate assessment and readjustments per customer needs. Implementing Flightman solutions will necessitate focused project management to meet the milestones agreed with our airline customers.
Implementation Support​

Flightman will always recommend an on-site project manager to oversee this implementation. They will plan with airline customers to provide either a Flightman employee on-site or a Flightman-trained airline employee when appropriate.

For existing customers, Flightman regularly reviews the operation and future technology implementation support plans at the airline. This ensures that its technology development plans align with the industry technology roadmap. Flightman can then deliver the new solutions demanded by our existing customers going forward.

Our team educates aviation industry professionals about the benefits of Flightman. We are open to providing a more in-depth analysis through a demo. Learn more about individual products available within the Flightman product suite. Ask a question about implementation support below.