Flightman™ eTechlog is an electronic version of the current paper-based techlog held aboard an aircraft that allows an airline to efficiently manage defects within its fleet. Flightman™ eTechlog is configurable to any aircraft type and provides a standard user interface across a mixed fleet. It has a flexible workflow and forms to suit airline specific workflow with pre-populated aircraft warning messages for quick defect reporting. It allows you to drill down to component level on defect description to give the engineer a clearer picture of the defect. MEL expiry items are automatically tracked both on the server and on the aircraft, allowing an airline to clear MEL items more efficiently.

The benefits of Flightman™ eTechlog include:

Reduced aircraft turnaround time
Improved dispatch reliability
Greater compliance with regulatory requirements
Faster, more accurate and more relevant information for management decisions
Dramatic cost savings

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