Cabin Manager

Improving customer services is a key business driver for the world’s leading airlines. Enabling cabin crews to engage with passengers through the Cabin Manager is essential. Providing personalised, shareable travel experiences and collecting rich passenger profile data are key requirements. These factors are crucial for enhancing the customer experience.

The Flightman product extends the existing trend of providing a personalised travel experience. It connects the cabin crew not only to Cabin Operations Systems but also to CRM and reservations systems. This connection provides enriched access to customer preferences and profiles. It also includes alerts to prompt passenger interaction based on this data. Additionally, it offers tools to further enrich the customer profile with new data.

Flightman’s Passenger Relationship Management (PRM) allows cabin crew to access all pre-flight information and submit post-flight reports directly from the aircraft to the airline’s Cabin Services department.

On logging into the application the Cabin Crew receives their scheduled flights and the associated passenger information, including passenger pre-ordered meals, connection details, loyalty program information, and passenger preferences.

Cabin Manager app

Crew can view the Passenger Information Sheet and selectively highlight passengers via the Cabin Manager, based on:

VIP / CIP Status

Connecting Flight Details


Remarks, etc.

During the flight, the application allows the crew to record any complaints raised by the passenger together with any preferences expressed. Where the passenger is connecting to a flight at the destination, any complaints raised will be forwarded to the crew of the next flight thereby providing the opportunity for the prompt engaging of service recovery procedures.