Cabin Defect Log

The Flightman Cabin Defect Log application allows Flight Attendants, Flight Crew, and Maintenance users to access the cabin defect status of the aircraft and record and action discrepancies. On reporting for a flight, the crew will receive the up-to-date cabin defect status for their rostered aircraft. All data entered by the crew can be synchronized to the other onboard devices and exported to the airline’s MRO system when communications with the ground are available. A customizable workflow allows the application to be tailored to reflect the operating procedures of the airline.

An electronic CDL / IFE Log can be optionally deployed on the aircraft, allowing maintenance personnel to review and record actions. Where available, the electronic transfer of defects to the aircraft eTechLog is supported. The system supports data sharing between the other onboard devices, including the eTechLog, EFBs, and additional cabin devices, and enables a shared workflow between the onboard users.

How it works:

When the Cabin Crew application synchronizes with the ground server pre-flight, the Cabin Defect Status of the aircraft is displayed to the user. This allows the onboard crew to view existing defects and, where appropriate, engage in service recovery procedures.

The cabin defect log allows flight attendants to report and track all cabin defects. Items may be entered by selecting the defect location via a graphical interface or by drilling down based on the system/subsystem using the airline’s fault reporting codes.

The user is presented with a graphical representation of the defect status of the cabin and can filter defects by severity and location. A photo of the defect can be attached to the discrepancy. All data entered in the system is integrated with the airlines’ MRO system and is synchronised with the Flightman Ground Server upon establishing a successful connection (e.g. WiFi, 3G/4G, Satellite).