Digital Transformation for Private Jet Operators – Real-Time KPI Data with Connected Aircraft Solutions

Successful digital transformation is a key challenge for all aviation operators and Private and Business Jet operators face the same challenges with extending Digital Transformation solutions from ground systems onto the aircraft. Ground-based systems are the cornerstone of a successful Digital Transformation strategy but maximum efficiency will only be achieved when all onboard applications for both Flight Crew and Cabin Crew are fully integrated. 

For Private and Business Jet operators, Passenger Experience can be a key differentiator. Customers are increasingly discerning with their expectations and operators need to continually look to innovate. Digital Transformation of the service can play a key role in how operators can provide the most efficient service possible and enhance the overall passenger experience.

Flightman is a global leader in providing commercial airlines, including Private and Business Jets, with Connected Aircraft solutions, enabling optimised regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and enhanced passenger service through seamless integration with Enterprise IT infrastructure. 

Connected Aircraft solutions include a full EFB suite with E-Journey Log, Electronic Flight Folder, Weight & Balance, Content Management for Manuals and Documents and E-Techlog. Cabin Crew applications include Passenger Relationship Management, Cabin Sales, and a fully integrated Cabin Defect Log/E-Techlog.

All Flightman Connected Aircraft applications are integrated with ground-based systems such as Flight Operations, Crew Management, Baggage management, and Ground Maintenance via the Flightman Ground Administrative Manager. The Ground Administrative Manager acts as a staging post for all data and information flowing to and from the onboard applications and provides a dashboard with the most up-to-date, single point of truth for real-time Flight Operations data. 

The Flightman EFB also provides an onboard platform for additional applications to link with a variety of ground-based Business Management systems.

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