Established to meet the need in the market for an electronic means of capturing and reporting data between aircraft and central systems, Flightman’s goal is to design, develop and integrate leading edge technology in the aviation industry. The company’s products represent an application of emerging technologies that can automate existing processes in the cockpit, cabin and on the ramp, in turn reducing airline operations and maintenance costs.

Flightman’s patented, award-winning software comprises three main elements:

  1. Onboard software applications, residing on the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) computer device
  2. A ground server for the management of EFBs, and
  3. Capabilities for optimized communications between the onboard software and ground systems.

The Flightman™ Solutions Suite is an integrated set of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) products, which together offer a robust and complete airline solution. The Solutions Suite provides the following underlying features to support all of the applications and enable each aircraft to act as a connected node in a fully integrated network:

  • Workflow based User Interface
  • Full 2-way message-based synchronization
  • Integration link to existing airline systems
  • Communications Management

The Flightman™ Solutions Suite delivers a hardware-independent EFB solution providing the following configurable applications:

  • Electronic Journey Log
  • Electronic Flight Folder (Flight Plan, Weather, NOTAMS, Waypoints, ETOPS, Alternate Airport Summary)
  • Electronic Technical Log (with separate flight crew and maintenance user versions)
  • Performance calculations for takeoff and landing
  • Weight and Balance
  • Integration with 3rd Party Chart Providers
  • Large Content Manager (Manuals, SOPs, FCIs, MELs, electronic documentation management and presentation)
  • Cabin Surveillance
  • Passenger Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Forms Designer

The Flightman™ Ground Server allows the complete management of the network of EFBs. All EFB data can be centrally managed. Customer specific business intelligence reports can be extracted from the underlying data giving airlines real time access to a rich source of operational data.

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Based on defined communications policies, the onboard Flightman™ Client establishes a connection to the Flightman™ Ground Server and transfers data on and off the aircraft. This data transfer can happen over various communications media. Flightman™ manages these various channels and the data sent over them.

The Flightman™ synchronization protocol deployed between the aircraft and the Flightman™ Server ensures that the aircraft always operates off the latest data published for the particular aircraft tail number.

Once the data is on the Flightman™ Server it is then available to authorized personnel through a web based reporting and administration tool.

Using industry standards, such as XML and Web Services, the Flightman™ Server can be integrated with existing ground systems both within the airline and third parties. This is a 2-way flow so data can be passed from the aircraft through the server into the back-end systems as well as uploaded onto the aircraft from the existing systems, completing the loop.

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The modular nature of the Flightman™ Solutions Suite allows for the incremental deployment of additional applications over time, allowing the solution to grow in line with airline requirements.

FlightmanTM provides an application manager which supports the AEEC 840-1 ‘Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Application Control Interface (ACI)’ standard. The Application Manager handles the integration between onboard 3rd party EFB applications, both AEEC 840 compliant and others. For example, FlightmanTM integrates with Jeppesen FliteDeckPro and Airbus LPC via proprietary  mechanisms as the products do not currently support AEEC 840.