Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimise Connected Aircraft Software Solutions

Data analytics are integral to enhancing functionalities in today’s digitally transformative society. As one of the earliest adopters of data analytics in the management of daily operations, aviation has profited extensively from its applications. While commercial aviation has reaped the benefits of data technology over the last few years, its potential in both the general and civil sectors remains to be fully realised. It is in this context that connected aircraft software solutions, which boost operational efficiencies across all aviation verticals, gain significance.

By leveraging big data and analytics, it becomes substantially easier to reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve passenger experience. Here are a few means by which data science is vital to optimising connected aircraft software:

Fuel Management Insights
Fuel Performance System collects, records, and analyses all relevant data in real-time before, during, and after a flight. Given the considerable rise in fuel costs, Fuel Management Systems can be particularly helpful in managing carbon emissions. This tool would also be helpful in tracking carbon emission standards as set by global governmental bodies, thereby facilitating more sustainable flying practices.

Electronic Flight Folders
A comprehensive set of flight briefing applications that enable pilots to access real-time data, Electronic Flight Folders may be tailored to meet your aircraft’s specific requirements. The versatility of this solution allows operators to access their briefing packages both onboard the aircraft and also from their homes, hotels, or crew rooms. Besides being economical in terms of time, it presents faster and more accurate information.

Cabin Management
Central to enriching in-flight services, a Cabin Manager stores useful passenger profile data. Flightman’s existing product not only connects the crew to Cabin Operations Systems but also to reservations platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, augmenting customer profiles with new personalised data. By recording both customer complaints and preferences, it ensures a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Ground Control Systems
Ground Control Systems are closely integrated with their corresponding aerial platforms. They aid in mission planning and load control through communications and data links. In permitting ground control staff to operate, assess, publish, and synchronise navigational data, charts, and maps with a single application, a GCS guarantees efficiency and flexibility in daily functioning.

Risk Assessment Tools
A handy instrument that effectively evaluates associated risks within the broader spectrum of aircraft, crew, equipment, and tasks, a Risk Assessment Tool helps in mitigating potential hazards. In ensuring the development of a robust EFB programme that is ideally suited to more complex operations in medical evacuation and military missions, Risk Assessment Tools use important data to derive meaningful insights.

Flightman is a global leader in the provision of Connected Aircraft Software Solutions. If you wish to enhance the operational efficiency of your airlines with state-of-the-art technology, request a demo today.

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