Passenger Relationship Management

Improving Passenger Experience with Flightman’s Passenger Relationship Management (PRM)

In the competitive airline industry, providing a great customer or passenger experience is crucial. Airlines are always looking for new ways to make their service better and ensure passengers have a pleasant journey. Flightman’s Passenger Relationship Management (PRM) system is a powerful tool that helps cabin crews by giving them detailed passenger information and real-time updates.

The Essence of Personalized Travel

Flightman’s PRM aims to turn a regular flight into a personalised travel experience. It connects with systems that handle cabin operations, customer information, and reservations. This gives cabin crews access to detailed passenger profiles, so they can better meet each passenger’s needs and preferences.

Key Features of Flightman’s PRM

Detailed Passenger Profiles: When cabin crew members log into the PRM system, they get all the information about their flights and passengers. This includes details like pre-ordered meals, connecting flights, loyalty program status, and preferences. This information helps the crew provide personalised service.

Highlighting Important Information: Crew members can highlight passenger information based on criteria such as VIP status, connecting flights, and special requests. This helps ensure that important passengers get the attention they need.

Real-Time Alerts: The PRM system gives real-time alerts to the cabin crew, prompting them to interact with passengers at the right time. Whether it’s acknowledging a frequent flyer or handling a special meal request, these alerts help provide better service.

Managing Complaints and Feedback: During the flight, crew members can record any complaints or preferences passengers have. This information is shared with the crew on connecting flights, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and service is consistent.

Post-Flight Reports: After the flight, cabin crew can submit detailed reports directly from the aircraft to the airline’s Cabin Services department. These reports help improve future services and passenger satisfaction.

Benefits of Flightman’s PRM

Better Customer Engagement: With detailed passenger data, cabin crews can interact more effectively with passengers, addressing their needs and preferences. This leads to happier and more loyal customers.

Operational Efficiency: Integrating PRM with the airline’s IT systems streamlines operations, reduces paperwork, and enables real-time data sharing. This makes managing resources easier and speeds up response times.

Improved Service Recovery: By recording and forwarding passenger complaints, issues can be addressed quickly, even on connecting flights. This proactive approach minimises negative experiences and shows the airline’s commitment to passenger care.

Moving Forward

Flightman’s Passenger Relationship Management system is transforming the aviation industry. By giving cabin crews detailed passenger information, Flightman helps airlines provide a superior travel experience. In a world where personalised service is key, Flightman’s PRM is essential for airlines that want to exceed passenger expectations and build lasting loyalty.

To learn more about how Flightman’s PRM can enhance your airline’s passenger service, explore our website workshops or request a demo today. Discover the future of inflight service with Flightman – where every flight is a personalised journey.

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