Flightman – The new name for Aircraft Management Technologies (AMT)

Aircraft Management Technologies (AMT), originally founded in 2000 have rebranded to Flightman. Flightman is a global leader in the provision of the “Connected Aircraft” through its electronic flight bag solutions (EFB) to airlines.

The Flightman Solution Suite allows airlines to achieve optimised regulatory compliance, total operational efficiency and enhanced in-cabin passenger service and revenue opportunities by seamlessly connecting and integrating the aircraft within the Enterprise IT infrastructure. The company develops Aviation Software Solutions, which are incorporated in a Service to connect the aircraft to company systems and drive productivity and operational improvements.

Flightman has won several awards since its foundation, including the ICT Excellence Award for “Best Example of Mobile Internet Technology”. The company decided to focus exclusively on the growing market for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions and has together with our global strategic partners grown to become the leader in the EFB market. The decision to rebrand the company to Flightman, which is the brand name of the EFB solution, was a logical step in this process. Flightman continues to develop its product offering and is currently working on several new product developments in response to market demands for new application areas and device and platform support.

Led by a team of seasoned aviation executives, Flightman’s senior management and board members are former aviation industry professionals with combined experience of over 80 years domain knowledge in the aviation industry.

About Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
The Electronic Flight Bag is a general purpose computing device that can be deployed in the cockpit or assigned to flight crew to assist them in carrying out their functions. When combined with communications capabilities they provide a platform for the hosting of connected applications, which enable the bi-directional exchange of data with the airlines’ ground systems.

About Flightman
Flightman is an award-winning provider of software technology to automate and streamline operations within the aviation industry. Flightman’s flagship Flightman™ family of products comprises innovative software technology which synchronizes an extensive data model between the aircraft and various airline ground systems, and provides forms and workflows tailored to various users to enable dramatic process improvement in the cockpit, cabin and on the ramp, thus reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in aircraft operations and maintenance. (For further information please visit: www.flightman.com)

For further information please contact:
Diogo Serradas
Tel: +353 1 806 1000
Email: diogo.serradas@flightman.com

Crystal Communications
Nicola Turley
Tel: +353 87 2337170
Email: nicola@crystalcommunications.ie

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