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Commercial, Bizjets & Private, Cargo, & Air Ambulance

Modern technologies can allow an airline’s personnel and aircraft to be seamlessly connected to the company’s business systems. This can yield dramatic cost savings as well as major improvements in the performance of the airline’s business processes. 

Flightman has conducted a series of workshops with many airlines to analyse and quantify the value proposition surrounding connected technologies and information management in the context of aircraft operations. 

The technologies considered included “Electronic Flight Bag” (EFB) types of solutions; the use of computers (either as commercial off-the-shelf laptop or tablet hardware, or as installed aircraft equipment) by flight crew and ground users, integration to existing backend systems, and connectivity of the entire system.

Through the deployment of connected aircraft technology, including EFBs, substantial savings and revolutionary improvements in the operational performance can be realised.

In order to understand the process changes that are possible by using such technologies it is important that an airline understands their current processes and can map and target improvements to be overlaid on the existing operation. Major processes that can be streamlined include:

Maintenance Pre-Flight

Data Distribution (to aircraft and to crew members)

Flight Operations

Cabin Crew Operations

Maintenance Post-Flight

Fuel Reconciliation and Payment

Post-Flight Reporting and Tracking