Commercial Aviation

Flightman is a global leader in providing commercial aviation with “Connected Aircraft” solutions, enabling optimized regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and enhanced passenger service through seamless integration with Enterprise IT infrastructure.

The commercial aviation sector thrives on relentless innovation to meet the ever-growing demands for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in air travel. As passenger numbers soar and global connectivity expands, advancements in aircraft design, propulsion systems, and digital technologies are essential. Innovations such as next-generation fuel-efficient engines, advanced aerodynamics, and lightweight materials help reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Enhanced cabin designs, in-flight entertainment systems, and connectivity options significantly improve the passenger experience, while sophisticated air traffic management technologies ensure safer, more efficient flight paths. Continuous innovation in commercial aviation not only supports the industry’s growth but also ensures it can adapt to evolving challenges, providing reliable and high-quality service to passengers worldwide.

Connected Aircraft solutions include a full EFB suite with E-Journey Log, Electronic Flight Folder, Weight & Balance and Performance Calculations, Content Management for Manuals, Documents and Software and E-Techlog

Cabin Crew applications include Passenger Relationship Management, Cabin Sales and a fully integrated Cabin Defect Log/E-Techlog.

All Flightman Connected Aircraft applications are integrated with ground-based systems such as Flight Operations, Crew Management, Baggage management and Ground Maintenance via the Flightman Ground Administrative Manager. The Ground Administrative Manager acts as a staging post for all data and information flowing to and from the onboard applications and provides a dashboard the most up-to-date, single point of truth for real-time Flight Operations data.

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