Cabin Defect Log Rollout

Following a successful rollout on over 300 aircraft at a leading US Airline, Flightman has now announced the general availability of the Flightman Cabin Defect Log. 

The Flightman™ Cabin Defect Log application allows Flight Crew and Attendants to manage discrepancies affecting the cabin defect status of the aircraft in real time. The application synchronizes with the MRO system pre-flight, and the Cabin Defect Status of the aircraft is displayed. This allows the crew to view existing defects and, where appropriate, engage in service recovery procedures pre-take-off.

On reporting for a flight, the crew receives up-to-date cabin defect status for their rostered aircraft. Additional data entered by the crew is then synchronized to other onboard devices and exported to the airline’s MRO system, Tech Log, and ground maintenance teams. Flight attendants can report and track all cabin defects by entering and selecting the defect location via a graphical interface or by drilling down using the airlines’ fault reporting codes.

The net result is immediate access to key operational information that can have a dramatic effect on costs and revenues. Ensuring a First-Class seat remains operational, for example, can provide a significant revenue boost.

The Cabin Defect Log application is customisable to each Airline’s specific requirements, business processes and user requirements. The solution is extremely cost-effective and can provide an ROI payback in a very short timescale.

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