Private and BizJets

Flightman is a global leader in providing commercial airlines, including Private and BizJets, with “Connected Aircraft” solutions, enabling optimized regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and enhanced passenger service through seamless integration with Enterprise IT infrastructure.

The Private and BizJet sector thrives on constant innovation to deliver unparalleled luxury, speed, and convenience for its discerning clientele. As the demand for personalised and efficient travel experiences grows, advancements in aircraft design, avionics, and in-flight technology are crucial. Innovations such as more fuel-efficient engines, quieter cabins, and enhanced connectivity features transform the travel experience, making it more comfortable and productive. Cutting-edge developments in aerodynamics and materials enable faster, longer-range flights with reduced environmental impact. Continuous innovation ensures that Private and BizJet services remain at the forefront of luxury travel, offering seamless, customised journeys that meet the highest standards of performance and comfort.

Connected Aircraft solutions include a full EFB suite with E-Journey LogElectronic Flight FolderWeight & Balance and Performance CalculationsContent Management for Manuals, Documents and Software and E-Techlog.

Cabin Crew applications include Passenger Relationship Management, Cabin Sales and a fully integrated Cabin Defect Log/E-Techlog.

All Flightman Connected Aircraft applications are integrated with ground-based systems such as Flight Operations, Crew Management, Baggage management and Ground Maintenance via the Flightman Ground Administrative Manager. The Ground Administrative Manager acts as a staging post for all data and information flowing to and from the onboard applications and provides a dashboard the most up to date, single point of truth for real time Flight Operations data.

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