Air Cargo Operators

Flightman is a global leader in providing Aviation Companies, including Air Cargo Operators, with “Connected Aircraft” solutions, enabling optimized regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and enhanced productivity through seamless integration with Enterprise IT infrastructure.

The air cargo industry thrives on continuous innovation to meet the growing demands of global trade and logistics. As businesses and consumers expect faster and more reliable deliveries, advancements in aircraft technology, cargo handling, and digital logistics are crucial. Innovations like more fuel-efficient engines, automated loading systems, and real-time tracking solutions enhance the efficiency and sustainability of air cargo operations. Developments in drone technology and air traffic management pave the way for new delivery methods and routes, expanding the reach of air freight services. Persistent innovation ensures that the air cargo industry can adapt to changing market dynamics, support economic growth, and meet the evolving needs of international commerce.

Connected Aircraft solutions include a full EFB suite with E-Journey Log, Electronic Flight Folder, Weight & Balance and Performance Calculations, Content Management for Manuals, Documents and Software and E-Techlog.

The Flightman EFB provides an onboard platform for additional applications to link with ground-based Cargo Management systems.

All Flightman Connected Aircraft applications are integrated with ground-based systems such as Flight Operations, Crew Management and Ground Maintenance via the Flightman Ground Administrative Manager. The Ground Administrative Manager acts as a staging post for all data and information flowing to and from the onboard applications and provides a dashboard the most up-to-date, single point of truth for real-time Flight Operations data.

Air Cargo operators

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