AeroMedical Operators

Flightman is a global leader in providing Aviation Companies, including AeroMedical Operators and Air Sea Rescue Companies, with “Connected Aircraft” solutions, enabling optimized regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and enhanced productivity through seamless integration with Enterprise IT infrastructure.

Aviation technology is the backbone of AeroMedical services, demanding constant innovation to meet the critical needs of patient care in the air. Advancements in avionics, telemedicine, and aircraft performance are essential for improving safety and efficiency, enabling rapid response times and access to remote locations. Innovations such as enhanced GPS navigation, real-time patient monitoring, and advanced aerodynamics allow for quicker, more reliable transport of critically ill or injured patients, ultimately saving lives.

Connected Aircraft solutions include a full EFB suite with E-Journey LogElectronic Flight FolderWeight & Balance and Performance CalculationsContent Management for Manuals, Documents and Software and E-Techlog.

The Flightman EFB also provides an onboard platform for additional applications to link with ground based AeroMedical and Rescue Management systems.

All Flightman Connected Aircraft applications are integrated with ground-based systems such as Flight Operations, Crew Management and Ground Maintenance via the Flightman Ground Administrative Manager. The Ground Administrative Manager acts as a staging post for all data and information flowing to and from the onboard applications and provides a dashboard the most up to date, single point of truth for real time Flight Operations data.

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