Listed below is an outline of some of the current projects where Flightman is being deployed.

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes are installing Flightman™ EFB software on Class 2 EFB hardware.

Oman Air selected Flightman for their iPad EFB solution.

Aer Lingus are deploying Flightman to manage the content delivery to their aircraft assigned Class 1 EFBs.

Kenya Airways is deploying Flightman on the iPad.

Neos S.p.A based in Somma Lombardo, Italy, have deployed Flightman across their fleet of B737 and B767 aircraft. have selected the Flightman software for their Class 2 EFB program.

WestJet Encore selected Flightman for their Class 2 EFB solution.

Croatia Airlines select Flightman’s Electronic Flight Bag Software

Aerolineas Argentinas are deploying Flightman on both Aircraft assigned (Microsoft Surface) and crew assigned (iPad) EFB devices.

LOT Polish Airlines have selected Flightman for their EFB solution on their crew assigned (Microsoft Surface) devices.