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Mario Mišić
Mario MišićEFB Project Manager, Croatia Airlines
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"Overall we are pleased to be flying and using the Flightman software onboard our A320 aircraft. Together with the Flightman Ground Server which is integrated with our flight planning system, we have seen the additional benefits of remotely performing our flight briefs and managing document updates. This new approach significantly streamlines some of our internal processes, and the scalability aspect of the solution provides a platform for the future deployment of additional applications"
Ali Sulaiman
Ali SulaimanChief Officer Flight Operations, Oman Air
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"Having recently launched our efficiency programme, we consider this large-scale EFB project with Flightman an important way of helping Oman Air reduce costs and become a more modern and efficient business-driven enterprise"
Adalberto Bogsan
Adalberto BogsanVP, GOL
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"This EFB solution from SITA and Flightman is the most comprehensive on the market. Our team at GOL especially likes the workflow management capabilities of the Flightman software application because it allows the flight crew to take fewer steps to find the information they need which minimizes their workload in-flight. Having SITA's e-Aircraft integration is vital and will ensure that we have a robust system that integrates fully throughout the airline and our various IT systems, allowing us to enhance productivity, reduce waste and have a platform in place for the future growth"
Philip Clinch
Philip ClinchVP Aircraft Services, SITA
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“More and more airlines are recognising the benefits that EFBs bring to their operations and now SITA is offering airlines a managed solution that leverages the combined experience of our EFB partners, SITA’s EFB technical consulting and systems integration team, communication services, and extensive device management. By choosing our service they can eliminate the headache of dealing with multiple cellular, WiFi, and satellite partners and enjoy an infrastructure”
Alvaro Coromina
Alvaro CorominaIT Innovation Director of World2Fly
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“We are excited to be working with Flightman to improve our cabin operations and provide our passengers with a better experience. Flightman Cabin Manager will help us to be more efficient and effective, and it will give our cabin crew the tools they need to provide excellent service and optimise the passenger experience”

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