Data Transfer

Flightman™ manages the transfer of data from the ground to aircraft over the following communications media:

  • GPRS/3G
  • WiFi (802-11)
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • Satellite

Flightman™ can be configured to optimize data flow over these various channels. For example, data from logbooks is small in size and can easily be sent over GPRS/3G during turnaround. Large files such as document and charting updates would be expensive and time consuming to send over GPRS and should therefore be assigned to high-bandwidth channels such as WiFi or a USB Thumb Drive. Where the aircraft is equipped with an inflight communications capability, high value data can be sent off the aircraft prior to landing.

Multiple channels can be assigned to each data type for redundancy and cost management. For example when sending log data the system might first try an inexpensive channel such as WiFi, if this is not available it will then automatically try the other assigned channels such as 3G, GPRS etc. This allows an airline to manage its communications costs.