Business Intelligence Tool

In today’s environment, it is imperative that airline management has access to real-time and accurate data in order to make strategic decisions on performance and routing. The Flightman™ Business Intelligence Tool allows airlines to view the high-level critical metrics from the data originating from the onboard Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) with the added ability of drilling down on any of the selected items to provide detailed information.

The benefits of the Flightman™ Business Intelligence Tool include:
An intuitive graphical display that is thoughtfully laid-out and easy to navigate in a web-based application.

  • A logical structure that makes information easily accessible.
  • Little or no user training is required
  • Data displays are customized and categorized to meet the specific needs of each user
  • Regular and frequent updates of information for accuracy and relevance to current conditions
  • Information from multiple sources or departments can be viewed simultaneously
  • Provides analytical tools for the interpretation of data from EFBs