Flightman System Integration Partners

Flightman partners with System Integrators to provide complementary capabilities to airline customers.

As the market for operational data and communications management for airlines develops, it is becoming clear that no one player can provide the whole solution. The whole solution requires a complete offering of hardware, software, and integration services to create value and provide support to the airline going forward.

Flightman offers System Integrators the opportunity to provide a world-class software solution as part of their whole solution offering. The Flightman™ Framework provides a software development environment that allows System Integrators develop their own solutions or to provide a range of Flightman developed solutions off the shelf. We provide a variety of licensing models that allow you to host the Flightman™ Framework yourself or to provide a system where the airline customer hosts their own solutions.

Irrespective of your preferred licence model, Flightman will provide you with comprehensive technical, training and sales support to help meet the needs of our mutual customers.

To enquire how you, as a System Integrator, can work in partnership with Flightman, please e-mail us at info@flightman.com.