Flightman OEM Partners

Flightman is first and foremost a software development company. Our flagship product, Flightman™, is a software development framework that enables partners to develop value-creating solutions for the aviation industry.

As an OEM airframe or avionics producer, a licence to deploy the Flightman™ Software Framework as a software development environment will allow you to develop your own value enhancing solutions for our mutual customers. There are different licences depending on whether you wish to develop point solutions with minimal connectivity, networked solutions for connectivity between devices on the aircraft and/or connectivity to the ground, and you may also choose between hosting solutions yourself or providing a licence to customers to host their own solutions.

Irrespective of your preferred licence model, Flightman will provide you with comprehensive technical, training and sales support to help meet the needs of our mutual customers.

To enquire how you, as an OEM airframe or avionics producer can work in partnership with Flightman, please e-mail us at info@flightman.com.